Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vamos al cine! - Ocho apellidos vascos

Today I saw the popular Spanish comedy, Ocho apellidos vascos.  It is about a boy from Sevilla (southwestern Spain, in the region of Andalucia) who becomes enamored with an outspoken girl from el Pais Vasco (an autonomous region in the north/northeast).  To say that these two regions are completely different is an understatement. Rafael is a very innocent, conservative boy and is at first taken back by Amaia, a girl from the "crazy" Basque region. 

After a series of strange events, he finds himself on a bus across the entire country (at least 10+ hours...) to return her purse. As soon as he arrives, he finds Basque Country a lot different than the south. At first Amaia is totally turned off by his unannounced arrival, but after the unexpected arrival of her father, she decides to pretend that she and Rafael are engaged to be married. Amaia has always been single, and everyone has kind of assumed that she will stay that way forever. However, with Rafael's timely arrival, she decides to change that. The problem? By the way Rafael looks AND sounds, it is very clear that he is not from the Basque Country - which means that there is no way Amaia's father would approve. So, the remainder of the movie is a series of comical attempts to try and make Rafael as Basque as possible to trick her father into believing that he is truly from the Basque region.  

Anyways, the movie was a lot of fun and played on the stereotypes of each region (although I didn't get some of them!!).  Here's the trailer if you're interested:

In addition, check out the lesson I made based on the actual movie listings and my ticket stub! It can be found on my TpT's store - Senorita's Spanish Class: We're going to the movies in Madrid, Spain! - LESSON

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