Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vamos al cine! - El extraordinario viaje de T.S. Spivet

Every Wednesday in Madrid, going to the movies is really cheap. The theater near my apartment charges only 3,90 euros, where it's normally 10+ euros.  So, like the discount days in the US, everyone rushes to the movies on Wednesdays here in Madrid.

Yesterday I went to see "The Young and Prodigious Life of T.S. Spivet," or in Spanish, "El extraordinario viaje de T.S. Spivet."  The movie is made by a famous French director (the same one who made Amelie, one of my favorite movies ever!) but it is in English.  The movie was presented with Spanish subtitles in the theater. It stars a cute little boy and Helena Bonham Carter - you may recognize her as Tim Burton's actress in almost all of his films!!

The movie tells the story of T.S. Spivet, a 10 year old boy who lives on a ranch in Montana.  He is a genius in terms of his scientific experiments that he carries out around the farm.  He wins a prestigious award from the Smithsonian for his invention of a wheel that stays in perpetual motion - of course the museum doesn't realize that the invention belongs to a 10 year old boy.  He decides to run away from his crazy ranch life and hops a cargo train across the country to DC in order to attend the award ceremony.  

The rest of the movie illustrates his journey across the country as well as revisits the day when his twin brother died on the ranch from a horrible accident.  

Overall, I really loved the movie! It was cute and funny, but also sad and nostalgic.  I have no idea when it will hit US theaters, but when it does, you should go see it :)

Here's the trailer if you're interested in viewing it:

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