Monday, July 21, 2014

Lunes de lenguaje

Fourth lunes de lenguaje!

This week was chock-full of neat phrases and vocabulary. Check them out below!

Pasadlo bien! = Have a good time! 
Pues, nos vamos. Pasadlo bien! ---Hasta luego!
--> "Well, we're leaving. Have a good time! --See ya later!"

tomar el pelo = to pull one's leg/mess with someone (literally: to pull the hair)
No me tomes el pelo!
--> "Don't mess with me!"

ser un rollo = it's a pain/hassle
Yo conduciria al centro pero es un rollo con coche.
--> "I would drive to the center but it's a pain with a car."

hasta ahora = see you soon
Pues, hasta ahora!
--> "Well, see you soon!"

estar muerto/a de hambre = to be starving (literally: to be dead from hunger)
Tengo que comer pronto - estoy muerto de hambre!
--> "I have to eat soon - I'm starving!!!"

ser un robo = to be a rip-off (literally: to be a steal --> but OPPOSITE the way we think of it in English.)
La mujer me cobro 30 euros por este bolso.  -- Ay! Es un robo.
--> "The woman charged me 30 euros for this bag. -- Ay, what a rip-off!"

pintarse los ojos = to get ready (literally: to put eye make-up on)
Nos vamos muy pronto! Pintate los ojos!
--> "We are leaving very soon! Get ready!"

agotado/a = sold out
La pelicula esta noche esta agotada.
--> "The movie tonight is sold out."

el truco = the trick
El truco para pelar los tomatos facilmente es ponerlos en agua hervida unos minutos.
--> "The trick to peeling tomatoes easily is to put them in boiling water for a few minutes."

boquiabierto = speechless (literally: open mouth)
Despues de oir la historia loca, me quede boquiabierto.
--> "After hearing the crazy story, I remained speechless."

la desgutacion/la cata = the tasting
Los jueves hay una desgutacion de todas las tapas espanolas.
--> "On Thursdays there is a Spanish tapas tasting."

tio/tia = dude/man/buddy (literally: uncle)
Oye, tio!!! Has oido del concierto de Calle 13 este viernes?
--> "Hey, man!! Have you heard about the Calle 13 concert this Friday?"

la terraza = terrace, outdoor seating
Quiero ir a un cafe con terraza porque hoy es un dia perfecto.
--> "I want to go to a cafe with outdoor seating because today is a perfect day."

el erizo = the hedgehog
Yo tengo un erizo que se llama Sonic.
--> "I have a hedgehog named Sonic."

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