Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Miercoles de musica!

It is Miercoles de musica!!!

In Spain, like the US, there is a wide variety of music.  My friend, Emilia, is from Valdepeñas (a small city a few hours from Madrid) but has been living in Madrid for 5 years or so while going to university.  She loves music, and made me an extensive list of her favorite bands as well as the popular music in Spain right now.  She prefers lesser-known bands of rock and roll and blues, but she also enjoys the more “commercial” music that they play in clubs.  Here are a few of the songs and videos:

Grupo: Los Delinquentes
Canción: La primavera trompetera
Género: Rock

Grupo: Efecto Pasillo
Canción: No importa que llueva
Género: Pop

Grupo: Michel Teló (from Brazil)
Canción: Ai Se Eu Te Pego (in Portuguese)
Género: Pop

Enjoy!!! :) 

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