Monday, July 28, 2014

Lunes de lenguaje

Hola! I think this is my second to last lunes de lenguaje post - time is flying by!!

Some of you may be wondering how I'm learning these phrases and vocabulary - well, the first few weeks I was with my awesome Spanish friends almost every day. We loved talking about languages and colloquial phrases and funny words. When I wasn't with them, I would hear and see phrases in the movies, on posters, eavesdropping (oops), on my ticket to the theater, in the grocery store...etc. The fact is, when you are living in a foreign country, almost every experience is a learning experience. I can't really go a few hours without learning a new word or phrase. For example, today the repair man is coming to fix the hot water tank (we haven't had hot water for a week), and so I learned the vocabulary for the hot water tank - who knew? 

Another really great opportunity that I found is a website called Conversation Exchange where people sign up to meet native speakers on the language of which they want to study/practice. Think of it as online dating...except with practicing languages! Through this site I have met some pretty incredible people who share the same passion as me - speaking new languages and learning about other cultures. Some of these people have even turned into friends, and now we hang out all of the time!

Anyways, I've been learning so much here. If given time, I always write down the words/phrases so I can remember them. The phrases I share on this blog are just a few of them. The rest are written down, and for those that didn't make it down on paper, they are floating around in my brain. 

So, here's this week's list:

edad del pavo = crazy adolescent years (literally: the age of the turkey)
Mis alumnos tienen 14-16 anos.  -- En serio!? Es la edad del pavo - es la edad mas dificil, no?
--> "My students are 14-16 years old. -- Really?! That is the age of the turkey - the most difficult age, no?"

Te adjunto los documentos = I've attached the documents (more useful for business/formal writing in Spanish!)

Seguimos en contacto = We'll keep in touch

Tener buena pinta = it looks good! (as in, a movie, a dish, a hot man ;), etc.)
Yo quiero ver "Los juegos de hambre." -- Yo tambien! Tiene buena pinta.
--> "I want to see 'The Hunger Games.' -- Me too! It looks good."

cabeza de cartel = main act (at a music festival, etc.)
La cabeza de cartel del festival fue los Black Keys.
--> "The main act of the festival was the Black Keys."

Te has levantado con la pie izquierda. = you're grumpy today! (literally: you have gotten up with the left foot; in English we would say, "You've gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.")

Que dices?! = Seriously? Are you kidding? (literally: what are you saying?)
Mi hermana esta embarazada.  -- Que dices?!?!
--> My sister is pregnant. -- Seriously?!

los detalles = little gifts, knickknacks
Quiero ir a la tienda de los detalles - necesito comprar regalos para mis amigos.
--> "I want to go to the shop that has knickknacks - I need to buy gifts for my friends."

un mogollon = loads, a lot; a ton (more vulgar: a crapload) (also as an adverb)
Esa tienda me gusta mogollon.
--> "I like that store a lot!!"

unas marcas de sol = some tan lines
Despues de ir al Rastro, tuve muchas marcas de sol porque se me olvido ponerme la crema protectora.
--> "After going to the Rastro, I had lots of tan lines because I forgot to put on sunscreen."

un noctambulo = a night owl 
Este sitio es muy popular con los noctambulos porque esta abierto hasta las 5 de la manana.
--> "This place is very popular with the night owls because it is open until 5 in the morning."

el moraton = the bruise
Tengo muchos moratones porque juego al hockey.
--> "I have lots of bruises because I play hockey."

pegados/as = stuck
Los cubitos de hielo estan pegados en la cubitera.
--> "The ice cubs are stuck in the ice cube tray."

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