Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Lesson Plans Available!

As mentioned earlier, I love sharing my lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers.  My "store" can be found at the following link: Senorita's Spanish Class - TpT store

While in Madrid, when I'm not wandering around the cobblestone streets or eating fresh tortilla espanola or people-watching at one of the many plazas, I'm making lesson plans using all of the great photos and knowledge that I've been acquiring while here.  I love incorporating real-world places, activities and current events into my lesson plans because that makes learning the Spanish language more tangible and interesting for my students. 

Check out the various lessons that I made this weekend.  Each are available to buy if you click the title of each lesson (it's a link).  Like always, each lesson comes with an answer sheet if applicable. Thanks!

Adonde vas? - Practice "ir + a" & simple future w/ famous sites in Madrid!
This is a great activity for Spanish 1 students. Students are given various tourist sites and activities in Madrid.  They write sentences (with the given subjects) using "ir + a" and the simply future "ir + a + infinitive" to talk about what each person is going to do in each location.

Back to School! Shop for School Supplies in Madrid, Spain
Students will love this activity! Using real school supply items and their prices (based on a office supply magazine in Madrid), students need to calculate the costs of things in euros and convert them to USD. Students also get the chance to share their experiences and comparisons about buying school supplies in the US.

Moda Madrilena BUNDLE! 5 Worksheets - Original Photos and Questions in Spanish
This is a bundle of five worksheets for my Moda Madrilena series that I have every Tuesday on "Martes de moda."  These worksheets include an original photo of someone in Madrid as well as some basic information about him or her (e.g., name, origin, location of photo, fun fact). Students need to answer basic questions in Spanish about the model and what he or she is wearing.  

New Spanish Royal Family - Webquest and Crossword BUNDLE!
Things are exciting in Spain as a new royal family has come into power! Your students can learn more about the previous King Juan Carlos I and the new King Felipe VI as well as their families.  This webquest is in English and comes with a crossword puzzle as review. 

Present Progressive - in the Plazas of Madrid
Students are given the names of eight plazas in Madrid as well as infinitives of activities that people most commonly do at these plazas.  Students need to write sentences with the given subject using the "present progressive" to talk about what each person is doing in the plaza. 

Salamanca, Spain - Beautiful PowerPoint of Original Photos
Introduce your students to the ancient city of Salamanca with this 35-slide PowerPoint of my original photos of Salamanca.  The famous sites are labeled in Spanish. 

Spanish Subjunctive - Suggestions for Madrid, Spain!
This lesson is for a Spanish 3 or 4 class as it practices the present subjunctive tense. Students are given various locations and activities around Madrid.  Students need to respond to various statements with a suggestion that uses the present subjunctive. 

Thanks for looking! Remember to keep checking back here and My Store for new lesson plans for the start of the school year.

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