Sunday, July 20, 2014

Un paseo por Malasana - 19/7/14

Today I wandered around some of my favorite neighborhoods in Madrid and took photos. I found lots of neat jewelry and book stores and did a little shopping, too! I spent the first part of my walk in the hip neighborhood of Malasana. Check out some photos from my afternoon! Enjoy :)

I grabbed an afternoon snack at this awesome restaurant called Ojala (Spanish 3A students - you know what that means!). I had a deliciously fresh salad with huge chunks of mozzarella, zucchini, kalamata olives, and more.

 In the bottom level of the restaurant, there is a beach. Yes, a beach.

Then I stumbled upon this magical children's bookstore that sold lots of pop-up books. It is every kid's dream (and adult's, too). It's called Tres Rosas Amarillas

Motorcycles and mopeds are popular in European cities because they're easier to drive and park (vs. a large car)

 Note the price: 5,50 euros (the comma!)

Cafes where the windows/doors are wide open so you can grab a drink or a bite to eat in the fresh air = very common

I learned my lesson at UConn that "locking" your bike to a tree like this is not a good idea. A tree with more branches is a little more secure! (my bike was stolen at UConn but luckily I found it a short while later)

I love the symmetry

Malasana has lots of cool statues like this one.

Have you noticed all of the motorcyles?

So that's a little preview of Malasana! If you've see my photos of the Plaza del Dos de Mayo - that's also part of Malasana.

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