Monday, July 28, 2014

Un paseo por el barrio de La Latina

This past Saturday I took a stroll through one of my other favorite neighborhoods - La Latina. This neighborhood is one of the oldest, most castizo neighborhoods in Madrid. It is located to the east of Plaza Mayor and the south of the Palacio Real. It has lots of narrow, winding streets and very colorful buildings. It is also very close to El Rastro market. 

Okay, so this first plaza, Plaza de la Villa, isn't quite in La Latina, but it's close! This plaza is neat because the three surrounding buildings are each from different centuries.

Spanish flag in the center

A hilly walk up to one of my favorite places - Plaza de la Paja

And one of my favorite restaurants - La Musa

This street - La Calle de la Cava Baja - is a super popular place to go out at night as both sides of the street are lined with bars and restaurants.

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