Sunday, July 13, 2014


This past Friday night my friend, Alvaro, and I went to see a play sponsored by one of the biggest Spanish cellphone companies - Vodafone (think: Verizon or AT&T, etc.).  The event was called #FirstTeatroTuit (as in, First Tweet Theater) and starred a very famous Spanish actor named Raul Arevalo.  Arevalo has become increasingly more popular in Spanish films, specifically comedies.  His most recent film is called "La vida inesperada" and is about moving to New York City to try and follow your dreams (actually not a comedy). Of course that life is more difficult than one would imagine. Here's a quick trailer:

Anyways, I received two free tickets to this play by quickly filling out a form online through a promotion with Vodafone.  

When I arrived at the famous and beautiful Capital Theater in the heart of Madrid on Gran Via (one of the main roads), there was already a line forming.  After a wait of about an hour, Alvaro and I found ourselves inside.  

The play was only 3 actors - Arevalo, another man, and a woman.  The entire concept of the play is this: audience members and viewers from home (the show was streamed live on the internet) could Tweet ideas/thoughts on Twitter, and the actors would base their entire skits on the live tweets.  Essentially, it was an improvisational comedy show.  The three actors performed around 5-6 mini plays (around 5-8 minutes each) based on the silly and ridiculous tweets from the audience.  The tweets would appear on the giant screen on stage so that everyone could see them (see the photos below).

Arevalo is in white. The tweets are on the right behind him.

The giant screen outside of the theater advertising the event

So it was a really great show in a beautiful and historic theater!! I was able to understand the majority of the jokes, although a few pertained to recent popular culture references in Spain. I was fortunate to have Alvaro there to explain them to me :)

Here's more info on Arevalo if you are interested: IMDB - Raul Arevalo

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