Monday, August 4, 2014

Un viaje a Valdepenas

My friend, Emilia, is from Valdepenas. Valdepenas is a small city (about 35,000 inhabitants) 2 hours south of Madrid. It is in the province of Castilla La Mancha - one of the biggest. It is also home to Don Quijote, which was made very clear to me walking through the city (statues and souvenirs everywhere!). I stayed with Emilia and her mother and two cats in their apartment in the center of the city. 

The city is very nice and has some picturesque buildings - most exciting of all, though, were the umbrellas! The mayor decided to hang colorful umbrellas over the streets to provide shade after seeing other Spanish cities do the same. Check out my photos of Valdepenas and the umbrellas!

some art


The train station

The first day we went to the wine museum. Spain, in general, is famous for their wine, but a lot of the wine comes specifically from Valdepenas and surrounding areas. Check out my photos of the wine museum:

My friend Emilia!

Where the magic happens (the wine is made here)

I also went to the annual summer fair with my friends. It was very similar to an American fair (CT friends: think Hebron Harvest Fair!) with some rides and some very delicious and fattening food. Here are some photos from my phone from the fair:

The fair started with a parade starring Don Quijote (of course!) and his lady, Dulcinea

Then there were some fireworks
Traditional rides like the Pirate's Boat

Los toros! - The Bulls - my friends' favorite ride. You straddle the bulls as the platform moves and the bulls rotate side to side (note the American flags and Native Americans?)

Of course I had to buy the picture...

At Spanish fairs, you can win pig legs....

A baked potato the size of my head, stuffed with everything under the sun

No, seriously - look!

On my last day in Valdepenas, I went to a medieval market which was really neat because the town was actually around during the medieval times - versus in the US with our mock medieval fairs that are not relevant to our history at all! Check out the photos:

A storyteller with children

They had some neat birds! And a few snakes that I didn't get pictures of

Nice hat, bird!

Look that those eyes!

Beautiful candles

Valdepenas is also known for their tiny eggplants (not anything near what we consider to be eggplants, haha)

Thank you to Emilia and her mother for a great trip to Valdepenas!

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