Monday, August 4, 2014

Un dia en las montanas - Peguerino

Finally, my week of travels ended with a two day trip to the mountains, a little over an hour northeast of Madrid to a tiny, tiny town called Peguerino. What I mean by time: just over 300 inhabitants, and yes, at the very top of the mountain. 

I went with my two roommates to visit her parents as they vacationed in their summer house. As Madrid gets extremely hot in the summer (we're talking 90s almost every day), a vacation home where the weather is a little cooler is ideal. Although I only spent 24 hours there, I did some pretty neat things like hold an eagle, eat some incredible homemade Spanish food, and attempted to learn a card game with a Spanish deck of cards. It was a great 24 hours without my cell phone (not one ounce of cell phone service up there!). 

Also, you'll notice lots of stone houses! 

The neighbor had a Harris Hawk

My roommate's parents' beautiful house!


The center of town

The town hall (it takes a lot to govern 300 people!)

 The main plaza

Incredible mountain plants

The swimming pool!

Fresh tomatoes from the nearby garden (and also lettuce, corn, onions, diced little pickles, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, oregano, and ground pepper!)

Homemade paella with chicken, clams and shrimp

The view from the top

A different town (where we stopped for the view)

Me and my silly roommates! - Thanks for 24 hours of great homemade food and family card games!!

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