Saturday, June 28, 2014

Las plazas de Madrid

As we've talked about in class, plazas are very popular in most other countries.  Yes, there are a few in the US in big cities such as New York City or Boston, but plazas are essentially everywhere in Spain.  I have been to maybe 1-2 dozen so far, and I know there are dozens more to visit!  Some plazas are really big, and some are a lot smaller.  

Check out some of the plazas below.  While you look at the photos, notice what people are doing in the plazas.

A small plaza within el Parque del Buen Retiro

The main plaza in Madrid - Puerta del Sol

(human statues!)

La Plaza del Dos de mayo
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Dosde Market (el mercado del diseno) in Plaza del Dos de mayo where the Spaniards sell handmade crafts/jewelry

Plaza de Oriente - right in front of the Palacio Real

Plaza Mayor - the other main plaza in Madrid

Plaza de Santa Ana - the smaller plaza two blocks from my apartment

So what did you notice the people doing?  I saw people: hanging out and chatting with friends, walking dogs, eating at cafes, talking on the phone, eating ice cream or other snacks, riding bikes, walking around, and more!  

I'm sure I will upload more photos of plazas as I encounter more and more each day :)

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