Thursday, June 26, 2014

Churros con chocolate en Madrid

What are churros? Well, the short version is churros = heaven.  There are lots of different variations, but in Spain they mostly appears as above, or porras which are a little thicker.  Sometimes they come in rings.  Either way, they are heaven on earth.  They're essentially fried dough that you dip into thick, hot chocolate.  This is not quite "hot chocolate" as we know it in the states, but rather a thick, dark chocolate - almost like more of a pudding.  

The exact origin of churros is disputed, but some say it came from the Spanish nomads who wanted an easy dessert to create over fire (see: Huffington Post's history of churros).  It then migrated to Central and Latin American (like many things...uh, the Spanish language for one!) where it took on even more variations.

The undisputed churros spot in Madrid is San Gines, which is where I went.  This place as been around for quite some time (think 100+ years) and I could see why.  Check out their simple site here: Chocolateria San Gines . The decor was very neat, and it was pretty quick service.  The only downfall were the billions of tourists who were taking photos while eating churros (oh wait - I was one of them).

I wasn't able to finish all 6 of the churros.  I think I got through only 2.5 :/

Of course los madrilenos debate who actually serves the best churros - my friend, Emilia, shook her head when I told her about San Gines!  Here's a list of some other options: Other places to find churros\

Anyways, I bet they're all pretty equally heavenly.  Check out some more photos of San Gines below!

The lower level of San Gines 

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