Saturday, October 17, 2015

Día de los Muertos

One of my favorite times of year has arrived - Day of the Dead, or Día de los muertos. Celebrated mainly in Mexico and various communities within the US, the Day of the Dead celebrates the idea that loved ones who have passed away return on November 1st and 2nd to visit their family members. 

Various traditions are carried out such as visiting the cemetery and graves of the departed, creating elaborate altars, and in general, celebrating the lives of those who have passed away. Despite being a holiday about death, Day of the Dead is actually a joyous event where people eat good food and drinks, listen to music, and have parties to commemorate loved ones. 

Below is a collection of fun and informative videos about Day of the Dead. I have some comprehension questions about the first three videos if you would like to use them in your classroom. The questions can be found for free on my TeachersPayTeachers website found here: Day of the Dead - FREE Video Activities

This first video (6:54) is a podcast that includes some basic information about what Day of the Dead is all about and various details of the unique traditions:

The next video (3:42) takes us through an art exhibit in Minneapolis where high school students created ofrendas for their loved ones. 

Finally, the last video (3:07) is a popular animated short film about a girl in Mexico who discovers the true meaning of Day of the Dead. 

Below are also two more short videos about Day of the Dead.

In the following video (1:47), two Mexican chefs from Los Angeles explain their experiences with Day of the Day traditions in their families as well as the important role that food plays on this holiday:

Finally, just for fun here's a tutorial on how to make the beautiful calavera makeup for Halloween costumes! (8:11)

Overall, Day of the Dead is an important holiday in Mexican tradition and helps students develop a new outlook on death. I recommend discussing the holiday in your classroom and having students complete the FREE comprehension questions that go along with the videos above!

Happy teaching!

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